Short Minds

All About Short Minds

*Please read the following with a Canadian accent.

Short Minds started out as ShortMinds, a huge difference I know. This is currently Version 3 of the comic. Why 3 versions? Well that is a long and arduous story; that I will now drone on and on about:

Version One

The comic started out with a couple of characters I had been drawing since grade school. The characters names were Ted and Matt. The comic actually started out being inked by mouse in MS paint. One day I went out and picked up a copy of Photoshop and a Wacom tablet. I created 75 comics with these characters until it became apparent that I can no longer relate to 8 year olds. And by that I mean I got a lovely piece of hate mail that in short said stop wasting your time.

Version Two

Then the first reboot happened. The characters changed and not really much else. It went on for a while and everything was pretty cosy and then I drew this comic and a small explosion happened. Stumblers, Redditers, Diggers and more pored in. Several more comics ensued until the event.

The Sweat Shop

I took a job that did not offer much in the way of free time or pay to its developers. Which eventually lead to working a second contract job to make a decent wage after several broken promises. But, in the end it all worked out as the part time turned into my new full time. After some time I realised that I wanted to start doing some side projects again, but wanted to do something I enjoyed. Hence the return to drawing the comic.

So why V3

I truly enjoy The Oatmeal and I never liked simple 3-4 panel comics. I want to be able to tell longer fuller stories with a larger sampling of characters and topics. So I figured a new site and a new version number was in order. That's pretty much it; OK that wasn't ask long and tedious as I thought it would be.

Fabricated Frequently Asked Questions (FFAQ)

Hotlinking Policy?
All my comics have the website URL and my name on them. As long as that information is still there and you aren’t passing off my glorious art work as your own then feel free to link away. Oh and if it's a crazy amount of traffic I may try to turn you off or ask that you just link back or something like that.
How do I send you hate mail?
Use the Contact form here on the site. Enter a valid email and I will respond to you. And please send it so that I can re-post it to the site.