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Apple Failure

Apple Failure

The Apple hype machine has failed. OMG! There are no serious lines like last year, I’m not hearing about the iPhone every time I fire up the podcasts or the TV. What the hell? This new phone is supposed to kick ass and be 2.8 times faster and have better battery life and blah blah blah.

I’m guessing the culprit is buyers remorse and lack of copy/paste, serously. Everyone I know that has the first gen iPhone is on a wait and see path. Let someone else buy it and see if the 3G in my area is actually any better.

I have a month or two until my current cell phone plan is done with, so I have some time to kill, so I am definitely go to wait and see what people say about the iPhone, the Instinct and god willing an android phone.

On a completely different side note: This is comic number 75 since I started ShortMinds and my 10th comic with the new characters.