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Non XBox360 NetFlix News

Non XBox360 NetFlix News

Is it just me, or do the new Microsoft avatars look vaguely familiar. And the new dashboard layout look a lot like what you would find on an iPod… Lets just hope Microsoft mimics Apple on the XBox better than they did with their latest operating system.

In good E3 Microsoft news: NetFlix is officially coming to XBox Live, no more hacking! Which means that in order to watch your instant que on TV you need at least a $15 a month NetFlix plan, a now $299 XBox, possibly the ridiculously overpriced $100 wireless peripheral, and a $60 a year XBox live account or a $100 box from Roku. But hey, I already have all those stupid XBox things so I’m good to go, give me the firmware damn it.

But referring to the comic, did anyone else watch the Microsoft E3 Media Briefing? It was painful to watch. Numerous awkward and obvious pauses for applause that never materialized. It was just hard to watch.