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Sink Scum Part 5

Sink Scum Part 5

I was wondering why I was seeing all this Spore advertisement right before the launch. And now I know why. The game apparently sucks!

You would think that after 10 years of development this would be the end all be all of life simulators. But, from the sounds of it, each stage of the game is rather lack luster and boring with Spore’s only saving grace being the creation portions of the game.

Ohhh and just to make it even more better; EA has tacked on a lovely draconian DRM. Limiting you to 3 installs of spore. Hope those files don’t get corrupted or your computer crashes or heaven forbid you want to install it on two machines in your same house. This has in turn led to a gigantic backlash that has pushed the player rating of Spore on Amazon down to a one star rating. To add further insult the full un-DRMed version of the game hit BitTorrent sites days before the game was released, so this is yet another case of EA punishing the consumers who legitimately purchased a copy of the game.

So sorry Spore I will be saving my money this fall for Warhammer Online.